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Since its humble beginnings in 1912, Rugby League in Canterbury has built a strong and loyal following and today continues to capture the excitement of participants and fans throughout the region.

As an organisation we understand that Rugby League plays an important role in our community and because of this we aim to provide a sustainable and robust plan so that many more in the community can benefit for years to follow.

Canterbury Rugby League embarks on building a strategic framework that would guide our future direction by focusing on six key areas of our game.  The action points which form part of the CRL business plan are an example of our commitment to execute the overarching strategic plan.

We strive to build a strong culture by living our values - Leadership, Courage, Integrity, Respect and Passion. Our commitment is to deliver on our plan in order to build on our rich history and create a bright future for our game, one that we can all be proud of!

Vision Statement

The Sport of choice for Cantabarians.

Mission Statement

To build on our rich history and create a bright future for our game, one that we can all be proud of.

CRL Values

Leadership - We take accountability for our actions and ensure our people are provided with direction and support through excellent communication.

Courage - As an organisation we are disciplined, we challenge ourselves and have the strength and willingness to think differently.

Integrity - We display transparency and honesty at all times. As an organisation we make decision in the best interest of the game.

Respect - We have Mana and show pride. We respect others and play fair. In order to gain respect we must earn it first. 

Passion - Through our desires and beliefs we know our commitment will succeed and help drive the passion we have for the game.

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