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Football Committee

The Football Committee is tasked with ensuring the interests of rugby league are represented and that all decisions are made with the best interests of rugby league in Canterbury in mind. The Committee provides CRL and its staff with recommendations and advice relating to disciplinary matters, competition structure and enhancement to the overall delivery of rugby league in Canterbury.

Committee Members

Frank Endacott

Gary Smallridge

Jeff Whittaker

Philip Prescott

Russell Bell


Referee's Committee

The Referee's Committee provides recommendations and guidance to CRL and its staff on a variety of matters relating to referees. An important part of their role is centered on the continuous development of referees within Canterbury, along with maintaining a sustainable recruitment and retention programme for both junior and senior referees.

Panel Members

Chris Baker

Gary Smallridge

Jason Wilson

Owen Harvey

Tracy Fleet (CRL Representative)

Glen Black (NZRL Representative)

Women’s Committee

The Women's Committee is an innovative group who are focused on looking at new ways to deliver and grow Women's Rugby League in Canterbury. They are a key link between local clubs and CRL, offering insight and recommendations on all aspects of the women's competition.

Committee Members

Annette Siataga

Danna Robson

Debbie Chase

Jasmine Wynyard

Jerusha Whiley

Kylie O’Loughlin

Sabrina Manu

Vicky Campbell

Virginia Nui

Judicial Panel

The Judicial Panel is a group of independent persons who are appointed to officiate and make decisions in matters relating to disciplinary issues in Canterbury. They are guided by the Canterbury Rugby League Constitution, By-Laws, and Judicial and Disciplinary Manual.

Panel Members

Andrew McCormick

Glen Black

John Robinson

David Perkins

Mike Fisher