Canterbury Women’s 2019 Squad Announcement

Canterbury Women’s 2019 Squad Announcement

Canterbury Women’s 2019 Squad 

The CRL Women’s coaching staff are pleased to announce the following players have been selected to attend the 2019 NZRL National Women’s Tournament. These players deserve their opportunity due to their commitment to the campaign as well as some strong performances in the East v West game.

Details of the first meeting are as follows:


Team meeting

Monday 10 June 2019, 6.30pm

CRL Offices

Wilding Park, 113 Woodham Road.


1.AmandaCLARKELinwood Keas
2.CassieSIATAGABurnham Chevaliers
3.CushlaNUKUNUKULinwood Keas
4.DarciBROSTOWBurnham Chevaliers
5.EpenesaKICelebration Lions
6.EtiWILSONBurnham Chevaliers
7.FleurBARKERBurnham Chevaliers (Captain)
8.JennaSTUARTBurnham Chevaliers
9.JulietteTALANOALinwood Keas
10.KatelynARONAHornby Panthers
11.KuraBEAZLEYEastern Eagles
12.LanaMUAMUALinwood Keas
13.LiaAH SAMLinwood Keas
14.LupeMANULinwood Keas
15.SagaMANULinwood Keas
16.SekolasitikaWONGBurnham Chevaliers
17.SharnaHONETANABurnham Chevaliers
18.SoalaSALinwood Keas
20.TarynCALEYLinwood Keas
21.TiareFA’AVAEBurnham Chevaliers


Assistant CoachNickLINTON


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