Canterbury Rugby League are pleased to announce the following players have been selected in the Canterbury 14s Squad. The Southern Zone Tournament will be held in Timaru on Saturday 3rd October. First training for both squads will be tomorrow.

Training: 5pm – 6.30pm,Tuesday 22nd September, Ngā Puna Wai

Any player who is unavailable for the tournament or cannot make this training, should get in contact with the team manager (details below).

Canterbury 14s

Coach: Sam Kakoi

Manager: Jess Kakoi, 027 257 6187

Assitant: Rob Nepia

GenesisAh Kam – SherlockLinwood Keas
Jackson (Tarewa)AugustRiccarton Knights
EliBijl-KakoiCelebration Lions
AshtonClarkHalswell Hornets
CambellCodyreRiccarton Knights
LennoxFonoti-LeiatauaCelebration Lions
CheldenHaywardLinwood Keas
BrodyHelemHalswell Hornets
TyrellKakoiLinwood Keas
RyleyMurphyHornby Panthers
JeremiahNeliHornby Panthers
EzekielPauloCelebration Lions
OscarRickerbyHalswell Hornets
KyanRosieHornby Panthers
BronsonRuebenNorthern Bulldogs
XavierSapauLinwood Keas
JacksonStewartHornby Panthers
XavierTalatonuCelebration Lions
AtalasaTuliakionoHornby Panthers
SioneUasiLinwood Keas
RicoLemalieLinwood Keas(Non-travelling reserve)
AzaniahEsauLinwood Keas(Non-travelling reserve)

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