Canterbury 10’s, 11’s and 12’s Team Announcement

Canterbury 10’s, 11’s and 12’s Team Announcement

Canterbury 10’s 2019

Lincoln  Siataga                        Celebration Lions

Blade     Siataga                         Celebration Lions

Amos    Faalelei                         Celebration Lions

Evander Tafua                           Celebration Lions

Rudy AhDar                               Celebration Lions

Jackson Grant                            Papanui Tigers

Kaci Heath                                  Papanui Tigers

Kaedin  Fettes                            Papanui Tigers

Marcel  Makalio-Bell                Rolleston Warriors

Riley Metcalf-Ngaronga          Hornby Panthers

Hoani Kahukiwi                        Hornby Panthers

Christiano Elia                          Riccarton Knights

Hemiata Togia                           Riccarton Knights

Kadene Codyre                          Riccarton Knights

Jairo Senio                                 Riccarton Knights


Non-Travelling Reserves             

Xavier   Grey      Halswell Hornets

Quinn    Le           Papanui Tigers


Coach: Sommer Te Kahu & Tessa Te Kahu

Manager: Anita Boyd

Trainer: Nigel Heath


FIRST TRAINING: Sunday 21st July, Papanui Domain, 10am.          


Canterbury 11’s 2019

Quaiden Westland                  Hornby Panthers

Tyler McGarry-Situe              Halswell Hornets

Sam McGregor                        Hornby Panthers

Seymour Stowers-Smith       Celebration Lions

Dallys Rapana-Phillips          Halswell Hornets

Rakoia Filifili                           Linwood Keas

Ezrah Molioo                           Celebration Lions

Giovanni Manusegua             Celebration Lions

Qubin Anderson                      Halswell Hornets

Moleli Lagokamo                    Celebration Lions

Reimana Ruri                          Eastern Eagles

Tasipale Coe                             Linwood Keas

Po Manawatu                           Hornby Panthers

Kordae Lei                                Linwood Keas

Jaymee McDougall                  Halswell Hornets


Non-Travelling Reserves

Donte Tahuhu- Wilson           Halswell Hornets

Emmanuel Iosefo                     Linwood Keas


Coach: Stacey Anderson

Trainer: Hamish Spivey

Manager: Melissa Anderson


FIRST TRAINING: Sunday 21st July 2019,  Halswell Domain (back fields),  10.30am – 12:00pm



Canterbury 12’s 2019

Hendrix Annett                                           Halswell Hornets

Kalib Clarkson                                            Hornby Panthers

Azaniah Esau                                              Linwood Keas

Luciano Felise                                             Riccarton Knights

Blake Hauraki-Carle                                  Hornby Panthers

Bryce Hauraki-Carle                                  Hornby Panthers

Henare-TeHuatahi Kahukiwa                  Hornby Panthers

Rico Lemalie                                                Linwood Keas

Aisa Mataese                                               Hornby Panthers

Pale Pouli                                                     Linwood Keas

Kayshana Rapana-Phillips                       Halswell Hornets

Ben Ritchie                                                  Riccarton Knights

Isaiah Savea                                                 Hornby Panthers

Tyson Siataga                                              Celebration Lions

Micah Sula                                                   Hornby Panthers

Ben Tia Tia                                                   Celebration Lions

Katoa Turner                                               Hornby Panthers


Non Travelers

Rawiri Davis                                                Hornby Panthers

Malakai Watkins                                        Eastern Eagles


Coach: Manu Clarkson

Manager: Michael Lemalie

Trainer: Pani Kahukiwa


FIRST TRAINING: Sunday 14 July, Canterbury Park Oval, 10:00 am


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