Canterbury 17’s Team Announcement

Canterbury 17’s Team Announcement

CRL and the Canterbury 17s staff are pleased to announce the following players have been selected to represent Canterbury at the Southern Zone Tournament which will be held in Dunedin from Saturday the 13th July – Tuesday 16th July 2019.


Coach: Jared Maxwell-Smith

Manager: Brooke McNevin 027 666 4063

Trainer: William Simon

DanielBLAIKIEHalswell Hornets
TamatiCHRISTIELinwood Keas
TipeneCORRYLinwood Keas
GeorgeFAAIVALinwood Keas
MataririHALBERT-PEREHornby Panthers
JaydenHORGANLinwood Keas
De VanteKAKOI-COPPENLinwood Keas
KaeaKATENEHalswell Hornets
DavidKNIGHTHalswell Hornets
MontelLISALA-PEPPARDHalswell Hornets
BraidenMAXWELL-SMITHHalswell Hornets
ZacharyMCNEVINHornby Panthers
ArlanPEREZRiccarton Knights
VaioneSIAKIHornby Panthers
SofilisiTAUMALOLOEastern Eagles
EnelikoTEKIHalswell Hornets
ElijahTUHURALinwood Keas
TaneWARDLinwood Keas
JaedonWELLINGTONHornby Panthers
MekhyeWIPARATAHornby Panthers
Non-Travelling Reserves
1. NoahSAUKURUEastern Eagles
2. EmmanuelFRUEANEastern Eagles


Congratulations to all players selected to represent Canterbury


Canterbury 15’s announcement to come next week

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