The Canterbury Rugby League 2018 Junior Prize Giving was held on Monday, October 15. CRL wishes to thank Papanui Tigers for making their clubrooms available for the event and Craig Kerr for MCing, and a special thanks to Linwood, Canterbury, Warriors and Kiwi Ferns star Sui Pauaraisa (pictured giving out the Most Dedicated Club award to Rolleston Warriors) for being on hand to present some awards – just 48 hours after making her Test debut for New Zealand!

2018   Canterbury Rugby League

Junior Prize Giving

6 Years

Les Taylor Trophy                              Most Improved Team             Rolleston Little Warriors

7 Years

Graham Bond Trophy                         Most Improved Team             Northern Bulldogs

8 Years

Walker Cup                                         Most Improved Team             Northern Bulldogs


9 Years

CRL Shield                  Championship & Grand Final Winners           Riccarton Knights

10 Years

Acknowledge                                      Championship Winners          Northern Bulldogs

CRL Shield                                          Grand Final Winners               Celebrations Lions

11 Years League Winners

CRL Shield                  Championship & Grand Final Winners           Halswell Hornets Red

12 Years League Winners

CRL Shield                  Championship & Grand Final Winners           Hornby Panthers

14 Years

CRL Trophy                Championship & Grand Final winners            Halswell Hornets

16 Years:

CRL Cup                     Championship & Grand Final winners            Linwood Keas


Representative Teams

Canterbury 9’s Team


First NameSurnameClub

Coach:                         Sommer Te Kahu & Tessa Te Kahu
Manager:                     Anita Boyd
Trainer:                        Nigel Heath

Results:           Game 1 Canterbury 36 v West Coast 10s 12 Player of the day Jairo Senio

Game 2 Canterbury 46 v West Coast 10s 18 Player of the day Christiano Elia


Player of the tournament: Christiano Elia

Christiano receives this award because of his passion for the game and his team mates. He always tried his hardest and was a natural leader on and off the field


Canterbury 10’s Team


Reece CookNorthern
Porourangi Davidson-ManawatuHornby
Javahn ArangaLinwood
Seymour Stowers- SmithCelebration
Qubin AndersonHalswell
Dallys Rapana – PhillipsHalswell
Rakoia FilifiliLinwood
Milan NewtonBulldogs
Jaymee McDougallHalswell
Donte Tahuhu-WilsonHalswell
Deacon Wynyard-WilkieCelebration
Quaiden WestlandHornby
Moleli LagukamoCelebration
Thomas HazeldineNorthern
Giovanni ManusengaCelebration

Coach:                         Stacey Anderson
Manager:                     Melissa Peake
Trainer:                        Matt Newton


Results:          Game 1: Canterbury win 22-6 Player of the day Qubin Anderson

Game 2: West Coast win 18-16 Player of the day Thomas Hazeldine


Player of the tournament:                              Thomas Hazeldine

A player that is dependable, a solid forward who gets the job done, with amazing drive and attitude, he pushed the team to the limit creating space and doing what every great player should He showed amazing improvement from training to training and when it counted on game day he got the job done!!!


Canterbury 11’s Team


Luciano FeliseRiccarton
Ben RitchieRiccarton
Blake Hauraki-CarleHornby
Bryce Hauraki-CarleHornby
Delahoia Te Pakeke KakoiLinwood
Henare KahukiwaHornby
Hendrix AnnettHalswell
Hunter TamarikiHornby
Isaiah SaveaHornby
Jacob Lee-SimpsonHalswell
Jesse MullallyHornby
Kalib ClarksonHornby
Katoa TurnerCelebration
Kayshana Rapana-PhillipsHalswell
Micah SulaHornby
Rico MacDonaldLinwood
Tyson SiatagaCelebration

Coach:                         Manu Clarkson
Manager:                     Pani Kahukiwa
Trainer:                        Michael Lemalie


Results:          Day 1 Canterbury win 50-0 Player of the day Kayshana Rapana-Phillips

Day 2 Canterbury won 40-0 – Player of the day: Katoa Turner


Player of the tournament:                          Henare Te-Kahukiwa

This player was selected to be a part of our leadership group he leads by example and does his talking by his actions on the field always leading from the front. he is a very destructive runner with ball in hand. he has uncompromising defence he’s always positive and turns up to every training with a great attitude. his style of footy is hard but fair his sportsmanship on and off the field is second to none.

He has worked so hard on and off the field and has grown as a person and is well respected by his team mates. This boy is destined for greatness. He’s a name to watch in years to come.


Canterbury 12s Team –

First Name Last NameClub
AmazonLam SamCelebration
TiaraTe Maari-WhileyHalswell

Coach:                         Jared Maxwell-Smith
Manager:                     Kirsten Reuben
Trainer:                        Brendon Rosie

Results            Game 1: Canterbury win 32-16 Player of the day Brody Helm

Game 2: Canterbury win 28-10 Player of the day Bronson Reuben


Bruce McKenzie Trophy                    Player of the Year                   Bronson Reuben

On defence he punches well above his weight and will take a backwards step to know one.

On attack his vision and game sense and being able to play what is in front of him is simply remarkable.

The vocal part of his game is massive, and he is a true leader in what he says and does on the field.


13 Years – Winners of the Jim & Arch Mundy Challenge trophy against the West Coast

Canterbury Team

LucasTe RangiLinwood
Te KaioCranwellNorthern

 Coach:                         Kyle Reuben
Manager:                     Kirsten Reuben
Trainer:                        Iaean Cranwell


CRL Trophy               Player of the tournament                    Dion Fon-Yip

There were a number of standout performers for Canterbury 13s, many of whom had previous representative experience.

Player of the year is a new comer to this environment in 2018 and with his good attitude and solid skill set he has thrived since training began and has been able to make an immediate impact on the Canterbury side.

We look forward to his and the teams progression in the coming years.


Canterbury 14’s team – Participated as a development team at the Southern Zone 15s tournament.


CooperTe HauHalswell

 Coach:                         Kevin Te Hau
Manager:                     Rachael Te Hau
Trainer:                        Tyrone Rapana


St Thomas Trophy                  Player of the Year                   Josh Ekkehard-Neli

Josiah leads by example on and off the field with his positive attitude and strong work ethic. As a half and in his role as Captain, he can organise and lift those around him with ease. Off the field he builds excellent team spirit, belief, direction and supports everyone in the team.

With a very strong performance in the Canterbury 14yrs, he earnt his opportunity to represent the South Island Scorpions 15yrs this year at the National Youth Tournament and was rewarded for his efforts with a starting spot.

Well done Josiah, for your dedication and commitment to the team and Rugby League in Canterbury and the South Island, in 2018.


15 Years – South Island Champions                      Winners of the Lewis Brown Trophy

Canterbury 15s Team

LucaCherguiLinwood Keas
TipeneCorryLinwood Keas
FletcherDowningHornby Panthers
EthanFaitauaLinwood Keas
EruKeelan-JacksonHornby Panthers
JaytonLawrieHornby Panthers
EneLouaLinwood Keas
ZacharyMcNevinHornby Panthers
LincolnNooraRiccarton Knights
ArlanPerezRiccarton Knights
TavitaTatuHornby Panthers
UriahTuliLinwood Keas
JuniorTuliakionoHornby Panthers
UnalotoUasiLinwood Keas
LotuVeaRiccarton Knights
NikauWaikatoLinwood Keas
TaneWardLinwood Keas
JaedonWellingtonHornby Panthers
MekhyeWiparataHornby Panthers

Coach:                         Brendon Rosie
Manager:                     Brooke McNevin
Trainer:                        Grant Downing


50th Jubilee Shield                          Player of the Year                   Jaedon Wellington

Jaedon had a fantastic tournament on the coast and one of his biggest attributes is that of a leader. He led our forwards around the park and lead by example with powerful runs and great defence. Jaedon has a bright future ahead.


Albie Clark Memorial Cup    Sportsman of the Year                       Corry Tipene

Not only was Tips one of our standouts of the tournament, his positive attitude on and off the field was seen by many. One of the most admirable things I have seen in a long time was when Aoraki couldn’t field a team meaning that we would not have a game. When I asked if any of our boys would help them out, he was the 1st to put his hand up…and the game went ahead. A true sportsman in my eyes.


17 Years –  South Island Champions          Winners of the Simon Mannering Trophy

17s Canterbury Team

First NameSurnameClub

Coach:                         Gareth Neho
Manager:                     Willy Simon
Trainer:                        Shane Butler


Clausen- McKenzie Trophy Sportsman of the Year                       Jordan Coleman

Ron Whitley Trophy              Player of the Year                   Montel Pepard-Peopaati


Canterbury Rugby league would like to acknowledge the following Canterbury players and management staff selected for the Southern Zone Scorpions squads. This year both teams made history for the South Island at the Youth Tournament.


South Island Scorpions 15’s

Coach–            Walter Wilson
Manager–        Racheal Te Hau
Trainers-        Kevin Te Hau

Alesana Mailei
Arlan Perez
Ethan Faitaua
Felix Faatili
Finley-J Esera
Jaedon Wellington
Josiah-Ekkehard Neli
Matthew Logopati
Nikau Waikato
Reupana (Alric) Fialele
Tane Ward
Tevita Tatu
Tipene Corry
Unaloto Uasi
Uriah Tuli


South Island Scorpions 17’s

Coach-                        Archie Jacobs
Asst Coach–               Brendan Rosie
Trainers–                    Willy Simon, Grant Downing
Manager-                   Michelle Harding

Caius Faatili
Elijah Tuhura
Jesse Wihongi
Jordan Aldridge
Jordan Coleman
Kyle Amer
Leo Patelo
Mesiah Asi
Montel Peppard-Peopaati
Peneli Peneli
Quentin Nahona-Brown
Te Rophia Waitokia
Sincere Harraway
George Faaiva


National Honours

Jordan Riki                  Junior Kiwis.

At the National Youth Tournament several Canterbury players were chosen in the Merit teams:

15s: Uriah Tuli, Felix Faatili, Jaedon Wellington

17s: Caius Faatili


Individual Awards



CRL wishes to acknowledge Owen Harvey for his volunteer hours down at Canterbury Park during the season assisting volunteer coaches and mentoring the Junior Academy referees.

Mini Referee of the Year                               Mackenzie Harvey

This season was Mackenzie’s debut season as a referee, she decided to take up the whistle rather than play this season. Canterbury Rugby League received several letters of support and thanks to Mackenzie for her efforts on Saturday mornings.

Mod Referee of the year                               Chloe Harvey

Chloe has been a Referee for a few years now, last year she attended the Global games representing Canterbury, this year she was also invited to Touch Judge at the National Women’s tournament to help her develop. Chloe has developed as a Referee during the season and was rewarded by officiating the 11 Years final.

Youth Referee of the Year                            Dai Roberts

Dai didn’t just referee the youth grades this season, he also felt that he also needed to educate the players on discipline and knowledge of the rules. So during the season Dai went the extra mile and everyone noticed an improvement of the players in terms of behaviour as well as skill as the season progressed.


Individual Awards


Junior Club Administrator

of the Year



·      Qualifying period April 2018 to September 2018

·      Club affiliated

·      Team/player arrangements in the CRL competitions are timely and adequate

·      Communicates and responds to requests within the timeframes requested

·      Demonstrates CRL values (leadership, courage, integrity, respect, passion)



Nime Ah Kam-Sherlock (Linwood Keas)

Nime is_an outstanding administrator for our Junior Club. Nime_Chairs our Junior Committee, leading_our Junior Club through yet another successful season. Nime helps to look after player registrations, payments of subscriptions,_orders of apparel and g_ear, weekly junior prizegiving’s, the planning and running events such as Club Day, junior prizegiving, Christmas Party, and recognition of our junior Club volunteers (coaches and managers), leading Junior Committee meetings and communicating information through to the correct channels, and the list goes on. _Nime volunteers so_much_of her time yet never expects a_thing in_return. Linwood Keas are very fortunate to have someone on board as valuable as Nime.

Kirsten Reuben (Northern Bulldogs)

Kirsten was the Secretary for the Northern Bulldogs and took up the fight with the Council when they wanted to take the fields off the Club. She offered to host the hugely successful 9-12’s rep tournament at the Northern Clubrooms whilst coordinating the Club volunteers she was also managing the Canterbury 12’s and then went onto manage the Canterbury 13’s despite not having any of her own children in the team. So she is giving her experience to the wider rugby league community as well as her Club and family. Kirsten is an extremely well organised and experienced team manager who always trys to give the players the best possible rep experience.

T.McBeath & K.Wells Trophy            Junior Administrator of the Year          Kirsten Reuben



Junior Volunteer

of the Year



·      Qualifying period April 2018 to September 2018

·      Does not receive remuneration for their contribution

·      Must have shown commitment to the club, the game and level of community participation

·      Demonstrates CRL values (leadership, courage, integrity, respect, passion)



Brendon Rosie

Brendon not only supports Hornby Panthers during the season, he also stepped up at the Canterbury 15’s Coach when Canterbury Rugby League didn’t have a Coach and he recognised that it was extremely important for the players to attend the Southern Zone 15’s tournament. He also acted as Trainer for the Southern Zone Scorpion 15s. He also volunteered his time as a Trainer for the Canterbury 12’s to help support the team at tournament this season.

Stanley Bradbrook (Linwood)

Stanley is the definition of a volunteer, he gifts an immense amount of time across the whole of rugby league, in particular a Linwood 6’s and Linwood 16’s teams. Not only does he have the patience and ability to Coach one of the youngest teams, he takes his skill and knowledge through to the 16s side. He is dedicated and committed to all that he puts his hand up for. This year he lead the 16s team through an unbeaten season and onto a grand final victory. He was recently awarded the Sportsman of the year Club award for his ongoing leadership on and off the field. He is an absolute asset and the future of rugby league

Kennedy Trophy                                Junior’s Volunteer of the Year                      Brendon Rosie


Special Trophies and Awards

Stan Dennis Cup                                Best defensive team              Halswell Hornets Red 11’s

Wally Smith Shield                             Club with most points            Linwood Keas

Masters of Rugby League                 Most Dedicated Junior Club Rolleston Warriors


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