RLWC 2017 NZ Club Ticket Sales Promotion

RLWC 2017 NZ Club Ticket Sales Promotion

RLWC2017 are offering an exclusive opportunity for Rugby League clubs in New Zealand to secure their tickets early, and sit together to see the world’s best!
In each of the New Zealand stadiums, Category C bays are being reserved specifically for the Rugby League community.

Clubs who choose to participate in this promotion will appoint a club contact to drive ticket sales to their members, who can secure their tickets from as little as $10 for kids, $20 for adults and $45 for a family of four.

For every 50 tickets sold, the club contact will receive a Category C family pass to a RLWC pool match in New Zealand as a reward for their work. The club that sells the most tickets overall (min. 50 tickets) will be rewarded with a $1500 club grant. All remaining clubs that sell at least 50 tickets will go in the draw to win a $1500 club grant. Receipt of all prizes is subject to payment (in full) of invoice to Ticketek.

Promotion ends Tuesday 15 August, Terms and Conditions apply. To register your interest and request RLWC2017 promotional resources email hwall@rlwc2017.com.

RLWC2017 Club Ticket Sales Process
Promotion launches 23 June 2017 to all clubs in New Zealand
Clubs email hwall@rlwc2017.com to request RLWC2017 promotional resources
RLWC2017 Ticket sales promoted to club members
RLWC2017 Ticket Request Form returned by Tuesday 15 August confirming ticket order
Ticket Request Form sent on to Ticketek; Ticketek then send invoice to the club contact
Invoice is paid to Ticketek; Tickets sent to club contact to distribute to members
FAQ’s for Clubs
Q. Are all matches priced at $10 for kids, $20 for adults and $45 for families?
These are Category C prices for pool matches only.

Category C Pricing for Quarter-Finals starts $15 concession, $20 adults, $60 for families.
Category C Pricing for Semi-Finals starts from $30 concession, $40 adults, $120 for families.
Family ticket admits 2 adults and 2 children OR 1 adult and 3 children.
Concession tickets applies to children aged 4-15 years, full government pensioners, full-time school students with ID and full-time tertiary students with ID.

Q. Does a family pass constitute four tickets for the purpose of this promotion?
Yes, it does. To reach your 50 ticket target quickest, you could sell 13 family passes through one team.

Q. What if our club members have already brought tickets to the World Cup, can those tickets be included under this promotion?
With proof of purchase, tickets purchased by club members prior to this promotion may be added to the club’s total tally. However, these tickets cannot be transferred to the bay where their club will be sitting.

Q. Will our club be given physical tickets to sell?
Clubs will promote and co-ordinate the ticket sale process, but will not receive the physical tickets until after the money is banked with Ticketek.

By participating in the promotion, you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

Contact the following:
Harley Wall
Community Engagement Co-ordinator
Rugby League World Cup 2017
E: hwall@rlwc2017.com
M: 021 1187706

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